Community Group Fundraising

Would you be interested in a new avenue to raise money for your local community group? How about encouraging your members/supporters to fundraise from their sofa?

Not-for-profit community groups – such as sports groups, choirs or youth clubs – can fundraise by encouraging their members/supporters to sign up to TRP Surveys and fill in our simple surveys.

We want to know what they watch and listen to on TV and online streaming services, any programmes and shows they have been talking about, which actors, actresses or presenters they recognise (and what they think about them) – and more!

By signing up to TRP Surveys and nominating your group to receive their reward credits, your members/supporters’ credits will be automatically added to your group total and a payment will be made to the group’s nominated bank account once you’ve collectively earned £50 worth of credits.

If you have any questions, please do get in touch by email: